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ESI Business phones and VoIP in Sacramento
Vocalocity Hosted PBX
Digital Watchdog CCTV in Sacramento, Video surveillance
ACCEL Telephone Systems, Sacramento
LG-Ericsson Data Products

Modern high-speed premise cabling is an investment in communication capability. Installation must be accomplished correctly to meet today's accelerated gigabit rates.

TeLLan One can provide your business with a solid foundation for all your connectivity needs. Our technicians meet manufacturer's specifications and exceed compliance with local, state and federal codes and regulations.

"Why is proper transmission media and installation so important?"

I need more bandwidth!

Improper planning can effectively bring your business to a hault. Identifying and planning for current network traffic and future traffic can save you thousands in retrofits and upgrades down the road. Imagine what proper planning and execution would do for the example above.

"How can clean and clear installation save you money?"

"Can you hear me now?"

How many hours of labor do you think it will take to find and repair your phone lines in the image above? Who pays for the technician?


Clean Data Rack



TeLLan One for all your communication needs.

  • Installation, Design, Service and Maintenance of: Server Room, MDF (Main Distribution Frame), IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) Build-out

  • Fiber Optic Backbone

  • Wireless Networking

  • Communications Server, PBX (Voice Systems) Design and Implementation

  • Aerial Cabling & Underground

  • Inter-connect Moves, Adds and Changes Documentation, Testing & Warranty

  • And More


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